Aim. Target Locked. FIRE !!

Aim. Target Locked. FIRE!!


Reviews of Battle Machines: Air Vs. Land

One of our newest Battle Machines on the market, Air Vs. Land is getting some great reviews. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Wired
    “Offering better controls than its peers, an innovative combat system and the bleak near-future styling already associated with the line, the Battle Machines Combat Zone Air vs. Land playset is a great toy for GeekDads. Not to mention their kids.”
  • RC Mania
    this is one of the best mass-market toy-grade RC helicopters I’ve tested to date.”
  • Gay NYC Dad
    “A great helicopter that is not a mini and does not fall apart!”
    Visit his site to enter to win a Battle Machines AVL for yourself.
    “It’s an amazing battle set and it’s perfect for one or two people. The helicopter flies great and the gun tower is easy to control. I love the machine gun action and the sound effects.”
  • Take 2 Mommy
    “Bloggers and kids crashed the helicopter into the walls and ceiling dozens of times. It amazed me that the helicopter never broke. It kept right on flying.”

Go to the video section of our site to watch video reviews posted to YouTube.


Take a tour of Jada HQ with Wong Fu

You have all seen the video where Wong Fu used our products as parts of the story. Well we invited them out to our offices to take a tour, play with some new toys. We let them pretty much do what they wanted… well almost.

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Battle Machines + Wong Fu Productions

Jada’s Battle Machines had the privileged of being part of the latest short written, directed, produced and edited by Wong Fu Productions. If you are not familiar with them, then you must check them out. These guys are a huge hit on with their witty, comedic films that are sure to get you laughing.

The latest video to hit the web is a short called “Recess Court!” Be sure to check it out!!


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Come Visit Jada at DubFest 2011!

Come visit Jada Toys along with our friends at Promax as we show you some cool cars and cool toys.

We will be bringing out our Battle Machines Go-Karts, new die cast and R/C’s

Come and check them out!!

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Welcome to the New Jada

Jada is growing! With this growth comes new innovation, new categories, new faces, new toys… and why not a new website. Actually 3 new websites.

First we have This is our corporate, flagship website. Here is where you can find all things Jada; products, contact information, news, press releases and much more. This is the portal to the world of Jada. has also been updated. What used to be an overall Jada catalog with other products and information peppered throughout is now a die cast and radio control catalog, but it does not stop there. We talk about customizing, we cover events and we even cover you, the collector. Stop by often to find the latest in the custom car culture, die cast and radio control.

Battle Machines has outgrown its old website and has settled down in its new home. The new website for is easier to navigate, faster to load and is all around more fun. See everything from new products to videos fans of Battle Machines have made. Create your own and send them to us. The Battle Machines world is yours. Show us what it’s like.

Dont just visit our websites for Jada news, be part of the Jada Community by following us on Twitter and being friends on Facebook. We interact a lot with our fans and we find that Twitter and Facebook is the easiest, fastest and most trusted way of doing so.

I hope you enjoy the new sites. See you online.

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