Reviews of Battle Machines: Air Vs. Land

One of our newest Battle Machines on the market, Air Vs. Land is getting some great reviews. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Wired
    “Offering better controls than its peers, an innovative combat system and the bleak near-future styling already associated with the line, the Battle Machines Combat Zone Air vs. Land playset is a great toy for GeekDads. Not to mention their kids.”
  • RC Mania
    this is one of the best mass-market toy-grade RC helicopters I’ve tested to date.”
  • Gay NYC Dad
    “A great helicopter that is not a mini and does not fall apart!”
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    “It’s an amazing battle set and it’s perfect for one or two people. The helicopter flies great and the gun tower is easy to control. I love the machine gun action and the sound effects.”
  • Take 2 Mommy
    “Bloggers and kids crashed the helicopter into the walls and ceiling dozens of times. It amazed me that the helicopter never broke. It kept right on flying.”

Go to the video section of our site to watch video reviews posted to YouTube.


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